One of the two Mega Millions lottery winning tickets was purchased in a region severely damaged by Hurricane Ian.

A portion of Florida that was recently devastated by Hurricane Ian saw the sale of one of the two winning lottery tickets in the most recent Mega Millions jackpot of nearly $500 million.

According to a press statement from the Florida lottery, the winning ticket was purchased from a 7-Eleven in Fort Myers, Florida. After Ian made landfall on September 28, residents of Fort Myers are still assessing the damage in the region.

The California Lottery said in a tweet that the other winning ticket was purchased from a 7-Eleven in San Jose, California. The $494 million jackpot will be divided among the winners.

According to CNN’s Carlos Suarez, who reported from Fort Myers, the region near the 7-Eleven was devastated by the hurricane.

More than 50 hurricane fatalities were reported in Lee County, where Fort Myers is located, according to local authorities. The hurricane that will cost Florida the most money in history is predicted to be Ian.

180 days are given to the Florida winner to submit a claim for the award. According to the Florida Lottery, winners in Florida are not permitted to stay nameless.

The Mega Ball was 19, and the winning numbers for the October 14 Mega Millions drawing were 09-22-66-41-44.