Research Center In India You Need To Know

Research Center In India

List Of Research Centres In India

1: Central Rice Research Center:- CUTTUK

2: Central Cotton Research Center:- NAGPUR

3: Central Sugarcane Production Center:- COIMBATORE

4: Indian Sugarcane Research Center:- LUCKNOW

5: Central Batata Revision Center:- SHIMLA

6: National Tea Research Center:- JORHAT

7: National Coffee Refinement Center :- CHIKMULLUR

8: National Rubber Modification Center:- KOTTAYAM

9: Central Sericulture research Center:- MYSORE

10: National Jute Research Center:- BAIRAKPUR

11: Central Tobacco Research Center Rajahmundry:- RAJMAHENDRY

12: Central Coconut Research Center:- KASHARGOD

13: Indian Cereal Research Center:- KANPUR

14: Indian Sesame Research Center:- HYDERABAD

15: Central Tropical Revision Center:- BENGALURU

16 :Central Agricultural Meteorological Center:- PUNE

17: Central Soil-Water Conservation Research Center :- DEHRADUN

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