Indian History Top One Liner Most IMP Questions on Lucent’s

Que 1. Where is the Hoysala Memorial?
Ans – In Mysore and Bangalore

Que 2. Who was the last ruler of Hoysala dynasty?
Ans – Ballal

Que 3. Where was the capital of the Hoysalas?
Ans – Dwarsamudra

Que 4. When did the Home Rule Movement begin?
Ans – 1916 AD

Que 5. When did the Ho Rebellion take place?
Ans – During 1820-21 AD

Que 6. When did Hyder Ali become the ruler of Mysore?
Ans – 1761 AD

Que 7. Who wrote Humayunnama?
Ans – Gulbadan Begum

Que 8. What is the sequence of the four wars fought by Humayun?
Ans – Debra (1531 AD), Chausa (1539 AD), Bilgram (1540 AD) and Sirhind (1555 AD).

Que 9. When did Humayun sit on the throne?
Ans – 1530 AD

Que 10. Against which king of the Hindushahi dynasty did Subuktagin take part in the struggle?
Ans – Jaipal

Que 11. Where was the capital of the Hindushahi state?
Ans – Udbhandpur/Ohind

Que 12. Who wrote the book Mitakshara on Hindu Law?
Ans – Vigyaneshwar

Que 13. Who wrote the famous book of Hindu law, Dayabhaga?
Ans – Geemutvahan

Que 14. When was the Hindustan Socialist Republic Association Party established?
Ans – In 1928

Que 15. Where is Hawa Mahal situated?
Ans – Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Que 16. Who led the Mughal army in the Battle of Haldi Ghati?
Ans – Raja Mansingh

Que 17. What was the purpose of Akbar in the battle of Haldi Ghati?
Ans – Bringing Rana Pratap under his control.

Que 18. Between whom was the battle of Haldi Ghati fought?
Ans – Between Mughals and Rana Pratap

Que 19. When did the battle of Haldi Ghati take place?
Ans – 1576 AD

Que 20. Under the influence of which saint Harihara and Bukka established the Vijayanagara Empire?
Ans – Madhav Vidharanya

Que 21. During whose reign did Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti come to India?
Ans – Prithviraj Chauhan

Que 22. What is the spiritual originator of Sufism called?
Ans – Pir

Que 23. What was the ashram of Sufis called?
Ans – Khanqah

Que 24. Who was the first Ottoman ruler to assume the title of Sultan?
Ans – Mahmud Ghaznavi

Que 25. What is the Security Cell Policy related to?
Ans – Warren Hastings

Que 26. When did Subhash Chandra Bose give the slogan of Delhi Chalo in Singapore?
Ans – 1945 AD

Que 27. When did Subuktagin conquer Ghazni?
Ans – In 977 AD

Que 28. Who was Subuktagin?
Ans – Son-in-law of the youngest

Que 29. Who succeeded Subuktagin after his death?
Ans – His son Mahmud Ghaznavi

Que 30. When were Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru hanged?
Ans – March 23, 1931 AD

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