Indian Economy – Principles, Policies, and Progress Srirangam Manish Kumar

Having studied in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) where the students were as much a rich source of data and perspective as the distinguished professors, ‘the teacher’s instincts’ of mine tickled. A few years after teaching, it was felt acutely that the right study material for the students was not available. The gap, though, was partly filled by some government publications, but it not comprehensive or tailor-made for the UPSC aspirants. Manish, Rohit and I used to sit for discussions on developments in the field of economics both in terms of concept and policy, and it was then decided that we should try to fill the gap with quality study material aimed at three classes of people. The book was conceptualized and created to cater to the needs of:
•• Civil Services aspirants at the national level,
•• State Public Services aspirants, and
•• Every school and college student desiring to make sense of economic events: domestic
and global. Apart from the cumulative work built up over decades of teaching some of the finest UPSC aspirants, the present book took three of us dozens of brainstorming sessions to arrive at this collaborative effort on the subject. Salient Features
•• Pedagogy in-sync with the latest UPSC pattern, with learner-friendly approach.
•• The chapters are well-supported with recent data and graphs along with illustrations and informative boxes.
•• Designed to cater the needs of Civil Services Aspirants (Union and States), the book is equally helpful for the students who want to pursue Economics for higher studies.
•• Economic Survey 2018–19 has been added as an Appendix to the book. My son, Sri, who graduated from Venkateswara College, Delhi University has been an invaluable part of the work, as it is his equal effort that made the book come through. No
chapter or sub-chapter took shape without an exhaustive discussion between me and my Son. He optimized the content and fine-tuned the presentation. Sri’s contribution towards the book, and especially towards the topics like Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT), Strategic sale/Privatization and so on, is immense and is intended to help students gain in-depth knowledge on the subject.


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