How to Fill 4th semester Examination OMR Sheet Correctly (Very Important)

What is the OMR Sheet? OMR Sheet (Optical Mark Reader) is a pre-printed paper security documents which contains bubbles, timing tracks sensors. Bubbles are filled circled by the candidates & timing tracks helps us to read the OMR Sheet. Mostly Each question contains 1 minute of time  Or 2,3 hours of time depends on the quantity of questions. Like 100 & 120 question exam contains 2 hours of time  & 150 & 180 Questions exam contains 3 hours of time, so its totally depend on the quantity of questions. 

The candidates are advised to read all the instructions carefully so as to appear in the examinations without facing any difficulties.

All the instructions as well as the sample Answer Sheet issued by the University in this regard have been provided below for the concerned candidates.

01. The information about Roll Number, Question Booklet Series, Semester, Course Code and Course Title must be recorded properly. If it contains errors, the OMR Scanner shall not be able to evaluate the OMR Sheet and the result shall be declared as Fail / Re-appear.

02. The necessary information must be filled up in the spaces provided on the OMR Answer Sheet in English before commencement of the examination.

03. The OMR Answer Sheet has an original copy and a candidate’s copy. While making entries in the original copy, the candidate must ensure that the two copies are aligned properly so that the entries made in the original copy against each item are exactly copied on the candidate’s copy.

04. Each candidate has to write Roll Number, Course Code etc in two forms: numeric and alphanumeric (e.g. GE 316) and darken the circles accordingly.

05. All entries in the OMR Answer Sheet (including answers to questions) are to be recorded in the Original Copy only.

The candidate must choose the most appropriate response for each question among the options A, B, C, D and darken the circle of the appropriate response completely. Incompletely darkened circle or any other mark (cross, encircling, tick etc) shall not be detected by the OMR Scanner and no complaint to this effect shall be entertained.

07. Only blue / black ball point pen is to be used to darken the circles. In no case should gel / ink pen or pencil be used.

08. The candidate must not darken more than one circle in a particular vertical column as the same cannot be evaluated.

. 9 There shall be “No Negative Marking” for wrong answers.

10. Any stray mark or extra mark on the OMR Sheet shall lead to disqualification of the candidate.

11. The candidates must not take Mobile Phones with them inside the Examination Hall.

12. Rough work, if any, must be done on the blank sheets provided along with Answer Booklet.

13. The OMR Answer Sheet must be handled carefully and not folded or mutilated under any circumstances.

14. Before leaving the Examination Hall, each candidate must ensure that his / her OMR Answer Sheet has been signed by the Invigilator.

15. At the end of the examination, each candidate must hand over the OMR Answer Sheet to the Invigilator who shall separate the original copy from the candidate’s copy.

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