Fast Track Objective Arithmetic By Verma Rajesh PDF Free

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic By Verma Rajesh

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic By Verma Rajesh.Today, there is a plethora of books available in the market on Objective Arithmetic which seems to be complete in their way, but are still unable to fully satisfy the aspirants.


Lack of Understanding the Basic Concepts Mostly, students face a competitive examination on the base of their knowledge about mathematical rules, formulae and concepts. Inspite of having the knowledge, he lacks behind when he faces questions in the examination. Does he realise this inability? Yes, he does but feels confused and blocked when he is unable to solve them and is left with a sense of grudge that he could solve it.The only reason behind this problem is the understanding of basic concepts.If he would have been clear with them, he could solve any of the questions because as a matter of fact, every ques-tion is based on a particular concept which is just twisted in the examinations to judge the overall ability of a student.Fast Track Objective Arithmetic By Verma Rajesh

Inappropriate Use of Short Tricks

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic By Verma Rajesh. This is the second biggest problem in front of the aspirants. The number of questions asked in the competitive examination is much more than the time assigned for diem. This leads die aspirants to use shortcut mediods.

Although, diese mediods prove to be beneficial in some cases, but due to time management problems, he gets bound to use these methods irrationally and inappropriately. As a result, he jumbles between all the shortcuts which lead to wrong answers which could have been solved if he knew when and where to apply the shortcut methods.

In this book, Fast Track Objective Arithmetic By Verma Rajesh all the fundamental formulae and methods have been presented in such a striking yet friendly and systematic manner that just going through them once will give you an effective grasp. They have been present in such a manner that they, will never let you get confused between fast track technique and basic method



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